Welcome to So Nadine Writes, home base for all of my creative endeavors.

My name is Nadine Nabass and here you will find an amalgamation of opinions via poetry, spoken word, journals, and essays. My goal is to create a single outlet to share my writing projects and experiment with a building a foundation for future creative ideas.

I write quite a bit of poetry as it has always been an important way to articulate my thoughts, beliefs, values; as such, this site serves as an extension of myself. I write traditionally, in black-out style, as well as for spoken word performances, all of which I share here.  I also write more personally in blog-style journals, to consolidate the experiences from this part of my life. Check out my first journal, Origin Story, for a little bit more on that.

I have been published in Pierce College’s 2017 and 2018 editions of the Student Literary Arts Magazine as well as featured in the Maudlin House Writers of the Week segment and am continuously seeking out new journals and poetry platforms to share my work with! I also have performed at several open mics, most recently and regularly at the Amman Poetry Slam here in Amman, Jordan.

Above all else, I am a writer and I plan to use this site to write. I hope you enjoy digging around my digital notebook here; I’m sure there will be something for everyone.