Welcome to So Nadine Writes, home base for my creative endeavors.

 A little curated slice of life through poetry, spoken word, journals, and essays. I hope to cultivate a single outlet to share my writing projects and experiment with building a foundation for future creative endeavors.

My poetry has been published in the Creative Colloquy’s online journal, Pacific Lutheran University’s 2019 edition of Saxifrage, won an award in Pierce College’s 2017 and 2018 editions of the Student Literary Arts Magazine, as well as has been featured in the Maudlin House Writers of the Week segment. I also often perform at open mics and slams both internationally, such as at the Amman Poetry Slam in Amman, Jordan, and have been featured locally, by the Creative Colloquy, as well!

Poetry provides the perfect medium to articulate my thoughts, beliefs, and values and as such, this site serves as an extension of myself. I write both traditional and “spoken word” style poetry, as well as informal blog-style journals, to consolidate the experiences from this part of my life. Check out my first journal, Origin Story, for a little bit more on that.

I am always looking out for new ways to get involved with new writing scenes locally as well as new places to submit to– if you have any suggestions, please get in touch!

I hope you enjoy digging around my digital notebook here; I’m sure there will be something for everyone.

Bella Notte

together we mourn the mostbeautiful nightlest we forget its truthfulnessto us–forgive its burden unto us nostalgia takes hold in thedark vacillating between deceptive longingand the sincerest of acheswe can do nothingbut feel. the stars of tonight will foreverburn themselves into […]


a song is muffled underthe weightof thousands of tons of sandunder the weightrocks breakand on the limestone, I laylistening to the night You cannot see your handsbefore you, but they are orange.stained from the dustthat coats the wild dog’s fur. […]

Introspection: Is Success Fulfilling?

The world is never going back to normal. Nothing that we knew will ever be exactly the same as it was, I mean. In this historically transitional period, many of us are struggling to navigate school, work, childcare, all while […]


Scrolling through the “news” threads on Reddit has felt more and more like I am slipping into Underland. I am honest to god serious. What else do my friends mean when they say they stopped checking the news for fear […]


I enter this season damp saline crystals form on my cheekbones I am ready to glow


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