I Like The Way You Are
Both A Thunderstorm And
A Forest Fire At The Same Time
there is a storm of quiet
rain in your eyes
from a distance it is
streaks of heavy purple
on a mountain top
blue glaze that says, “hello
come along, my friend”
something warm in the
invitation, orange and brown
pulls you into frame
forests, acres, burned swiftly
in a single act of passion
flames lick everything
they can taste
to rebuild upon
black flats of

Prayers From Dust

doubled over
sharing whispers with the tiles
tasting the sand between shakes
the only way my body knows
how to beg for help
is through bruises

knees fold over one another
crashing down, syncope
sink to the stone floor

thousands of miles away
from my temple, double down
prayers through muddy tears
between breaths, my body
begs with what little
it has left: take me instead


blackness drips off of me
yet it appears to you I am bathing in gold
I reach for the night as silky dreams dissipate
heavy drapes keep the bedroom pitch
royal purple flecks of sunlight
keep the heat in, amethyst
set in copper conducts our
electricity, static lightening
between sheets, we melt into
tungsten tears
our bodies become one
convulsing in connected
shudders that unite us both
under a single