untame me
soft and unfocused
the universe spins and
shrinks around me

I am a giant in this
chromatic aberration yet
I am absent, fragmented light
dancing for stained glass galleries
consume me with your
color fringed eyes

express movement with me
fluorescent intent in each
of our strokes—
flat black paint pulled
across alabaster lips

the air you breathe is
milky movement adrift
riding incense wisps,
our world has become bokeh
what are we standing on?

I have found myself: here
at this intersection: now

between aromatic impulsion and
the calmness of your mundanity
it is here we will sink much further

into this down-feather dream

Oblivius: A Gallery

There exists a dissonance when you finally acknowledge that which had previously gone unnoticed. It’s all subconscious consumption and blissful unawareness until you wake up one morning in a bed you’ve woken up in dozens of times before to find yourself someplace new– it is here you find yourself, once oblivious, now in love over again. After being gone so long, it is so strange to suddenly be back.





come, lie with me
it is just a matter of time before
the ocean takes us away
again, we melt together
like resin, we fill the grooves
of an old wooden coffee table
we, pale bodies, like
marbled driftwood cities
afloat, in the distance
there is nothing out there but us


black sand beaches
and perfectly symmetrical faces
offset bone lace dresses
grazing the lines of tradition
before leaving it behind

salty waves break upon hips
and opal glows between toes
the jellies are soft tonight
translucent moons staining
sapphire vows

take me by the wrist
to find the prophetess
deep in the Pacific Ocean
where jellyfish live