kneel where jesus was
baptised by john, drink
the weight of your sins
and strip to elemental depths

It is always silent in the sea
of death, let

the stale salt cake
in your wounds, drink
the water of the holy land
heal your wounds between
desert hills

only to find you have been
swallowing nothing more
than sand

The Dead Sea

I went out with some friends from my program and took a mini-adventure to the dead sea last week! It was wonderful, salty, muddy, hot and honestly, everything burned. The salt content is no joke, it literally felt like swimming in zero-gravity. Definitely slathered that mud on there too, we are talking the real deal dead sea mud, take that $30 Sephora mud masks!

permission ariel

Beach Bound!


The Dead Sea, Jordan


Dead Sea Mud Pit

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Natural Exfoliant, Am I Right?