The Dead Sea

I went out with some friends from my program and took a mini-adventure to the dead sea last week! It was wonderful, salty, muddy, hot and honestly, everything burned. The salt content is no joke, it literally felt like swimming in zero-gravity. Definitely slathered that mud on there too, we are talking the real deal dead sea mud, take that $30 Sephora mud masks!

permission ariel

Beach Bound!


The Dead Sea, Jordan


Dead Sea Mud Pit

permission iliana.JPG

Natural Exfoliant, Am I Right?


come, lie with me
it is just a matter of time before
the ocean takes us away
again, we melt together
like resin, we fill the grooves
of an old wooden coffee table
we, pale bodies, like
marbled driftwood cities
afloat, in the distance
there is nothing out there but us


black sand beaches
and perfectly symmetrical faces
offset bone lace dresses
grazing the lines of tradition
before leaving it behind

salty waves break upon hips
and opal glows between toes
the jellies are soft tonight
translucent moons staining
sapphire vows

take me by the wrist
to find the prophetess
deep in the Pacific Ocean
where jellyfish live