untame me
soft and unfocused
the universe spins and
shrinks around me

I am a giant in this
chromatic aberration yet
I am absent, fragmented light
dancing for stained glass galleries
consume me with your
color fringed eyes

express movement with me
fluorescent intent in each
of our strokes—
flat black paint pulled
across alabaster lips

the air you breathe is
milky movement adrift
riding incense wisps,
our world has become bokeh
what are we standing on?

I have found myself: here
at this intersection: now

between aromatic impulsion and
the calmness of your mundanity
it is here we will sink much further

into this down-feather dream

Oblivius: A Gallery

There exists a dissonance when you finally acknowledge that which had previously gone unnoticed. It’s all subconscious consumption and blissful unawareness until you wake up one morning in a bed you’ve woken up in dozens of times before to find yourself someplace new– it is here you find yourself, once oblivious, now in love over again. After being gone so long, it is so strange to suddenly be back.




Origin Story

Hey there! Welcome to So Nadine Writes where I, Nadine, write. Incredible, right?

I’ve been making creative content for as long as I can remember and have finally decided to create a home base to publish a lot of it online! This site serves mostly as an archive to help organize my creative stuff for myself while simultaneously providing me with the motivation to share my work with others. This is a brief introduction to me, what I do, and why I do it.

Writing, for me, serves as an extension of myself. My poetry thematically parallels my personal values, beliefs, and opinions. My writing covers an extensive set of genres and I cannot seem to adhere to a specific style. Maybe I just haven’t found what works for me yet. At any rate, I hope you enjoy digging through my digital notebook.

Me, in a Nutshell: I really like cream-sodas with Redbull. I listen to a lot of heavy metal and deck out my own leather jackets with spikes and patches. I wear a scarf on my head as a way to express my choice in the way I want to practice my faith, Islam. I collect the bones of roadkill and other small dead animals. I really like crows, like a lot. I am a proud Washingtonian: I pretty much worship Seattle, black coffee, and Mount Rainier.

I write poetry and journals about the little things I interact with every day, about the kinds of feelings, words, and sounds that those things elicit. Sometimes I write things to read them out loud on a stage. Sometimes I write things and then burn them immediately after. I write about things that evoke a notable reaction from me. I often find myself writing about the love of my life (see: Jake Thomas Shaw and his baby, Radio Reality City). But mostly I write to get my thoughts out and straight. I find it’s how I articulate myself best and I hope you get a kick out of some of the things I have to say.

Real-World Stuff: I am a political science and global development double major student, trying to shove my way into the big-kid world of politics. I recently interned for the U.S. House of Representatives and currently work with a USAID gender project in the Middle East. I strongly feel that art and political activism have always been connected and I enjoy finding and creating overlaps between the two as a means of making the latter more accessible.

I don’t really know where I want to go yet in life or what role my writing will play down the line, but I’m sure if you stick around long enough we’ll figure it out together.

Welcome, and enjoy.