• Oblivius (1/24/2019)

    untame me
    soft and unfocused
    the universe spins and
    shrinks around me

    I am a giant in this
    chromatic aberration yet
    I am absent, fragmented light
    dancing for stained glass galleries
    consume me with your
    color fringed eyes

    express movement with me
    fluorescent intent in each
    of our strokes—
    flat black paint pulled
    across alabaster lips

    the air you breathe is
    milky movement adrift
    riding incense wisps,
    our world has become bokeh
    what are we standing on?

    I have found myself: here
    at this intersection: now

    between aromatic impulsion and
    the calmness of your mundanity
    it is here we will sink much further

    into this down-feather dream