Staccato breathing
mechanically makes the air
move in and out

short and frantic
shrinking consciousness like
flesh rotting from a carcass
insufficient surface area left
to save

to graze

disoriented and abstracted reality
stinging and dizzying
inches from dancing
for eternity

Move-in Day

The breeze carries sticky caramel sweat
through long summer days with no lunches
I have packed up all of my
old worlds and have brought it for you

tales of youth spoken
through long-dried acrylic color
chemical stories stored for good
on yellowing canvas

move-in day is unearthing
unnerving revisits to past lives in
past homes
we expected her long ago
but she came not until July
she came when she knew we were ready
prepared in the mid-summer heat
to confront pasts—burn old blood
iron wrought purges and starting anew

I have a new home today
ink ribbon smearing ivory cloth
curtains pull open to a new street
I breathe new air

this is welcoming myself home


A song is muffled under
the weight
of thousands of tons of sand
under the weight
rocks break
and on the limestone, I lay
listening to the night

we cannot see our hands before
us but
they are orange
stained from the dust
that coats the wild dog’s fur
and sifts between the camel’s lashes

you, small and skinny,
misplaced your desert lover:
vulpine and wily
you found your way
through the sand

sink deep into the dunes
and lie with me

Author’s Bio


a haunting synthesis of
Arabic and English she writes


this only works
because without emotions

we cannot make decisions

we are nobody without our
associations; she writes an experiment

untangling the world

she presses on the place of bruises
as she writes, she moves a hand

she passed at her own hand

but what moves a hand:
she writes in systems

untangling her world

everything is only systems
because without systems

we cannot make emotions


untame me
soft and unfocused
the universe spins and
shrinks around me

I am a giant in this
chromatic aberration yet
I am absent, fragmented light
dancing for stained glass galleries
consume me with your
color fringed eyes

express movement with me
fluorescent intent in each
of our strokes—
flat black paint pulled
across alabaster lips

the air you breathe is
milky movement adrift
riding incense wisps,
our world has become bokeh
what are we standing on?

I have found myself: here
at this intersection: now

between aromatic impulsion and
the calmness of your mundanity
it is here we will sink much further

into this down-feather dream

Creative Colloquy Feature | Honey at Alma Mater

Thank you to the Creative Colloquy for having me perform as a featured guest at their last event of 2018! Check out their online journal to see where I got “Pacific Grooves” published!

Special thanks to Jake Thomas Shaw, the featured poet who performed right before me, for taking the video! For more poetry and any personal or professional photography/videography inquiries, check out his website at RadioReality.City!

Washington Beaches
Pacific Grooves
Wild Heart

Pale Love

letting out a soft moan, she
brings chills to my skin
and paralyzes my bones

her icy breath caresses the nape
of my neck, she is nostalgia
dark hair and pale eyes
her lips whisper my name

my nose blushes in shades
of red

my fingertips ache
in shades of blue, I meet her

soft, pale body with the
harshness of mine and
once again, tangled together,
she has come–

my love, December.