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When Success is no Longer Fulfilling

The world is never going back to normal. Nothing that we knew will ever be exactly the same as it was, I mean. In this historically transitional period, many of us are struggling to navigate school, work, childcare, all while trying to maintain a healthy, but safe, social life. As many of us have been,…

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Scrolling through the “news” threads on Reddit has felt more and more like I am slipping into Underland. I am honest to god serious. What else do my friends mean when they say they stopped checking the news for fear of falling deeper into the rabbit hole? I mean seriously, from this week alone: “Kanye…

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Turning the Decade

The last few days of the decade are nigh, and I just realized I haven’t made a single post here since January. How can a whole year have gone by since I heard the Strokes and made a post about it? It’s easy for me, as a creator, to look back and feel lost in…

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Desert Daze

I am in love with the desert. The jagged canyon walls and sandstone mountains surround you in a world of muted reds and pinks. You come home to the city covered in dust: orange stains between your toes and fingers and you are pulling grit out of the ends of your hair. Dark orange sand…

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I strongly believe every stray cat in this country is out to get me. Most of them look like this and try following me home: There’s an old Arabic myth I once heard that if you want to curse someone, you write their name on a piece of paper and sew it shut into a…

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The Dead Sea

I went out with some friends from my program and took a mini-adventure to the dead sea last week! It was wonderful, salty, muddy, hot and honestly, everything burned. The salt content is no joke, it literally felt like swimming in zero-gravity. Definitely slathered that mud on there too, we are talking the real deal dead…

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Just a few days shy from two full weeks here in Amman and so much has happened already! Downtown is always bustling, from indie movie screenings to rooftop hookah lounges, downtown at Rainbow Street is the place to be every Thursday night (Thursdays = Fridays here.) I actually might be participating in a poetry slam…

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City of Hills

Update: didn’t die! My flight from Seattle to Chicago was a little nerve-wracking, as it was my first flight alone. Also, the Chicago airport really needs to up their signage, my god. But I found my gate and all is well! The flight from Chicago to Amman was grueling. A whole eleven hours stuck up…

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Pre-Departure Reflections

I am currently typing the start of this journal from a golden bubble bath at 7am, seething with both anxiety and glitter. I am sure this will be posted far later today, but for the record, I am bathing and freaking out. Today is my last full day in the U.S. of A. and my…

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Origin Story

Hey there! Welcome to So Nadine Writes where I, Nadine, write. Incredible, right? I’ve been making creative content for as long as I can remember and have finally decided to create a home base to publish a lot of it online! This site serves mostly as an archive to help organize my creative stuff for…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Nadine, a writer passionate about capturing the ever-fascinating human experience through poetry, journal essays, and spoken word. Thanks for visiting!

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