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When Success is no Longer Fulfilling

The world is never going back to normal. Nothing that we knew will ever be exactly the same as it was, I mean. In this historically transitional period, many of us are struggling to navigate school, work, childcare, all while trying to maintain a healthy, but safe, social life. As many of us have been,…

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Scrolling through the “news” threads on Reddit has felt more and more like I am slipping into Underland. I am honest to god serious. What else do my friends mean when they say they stopped checking the news for fear of falling deeper into the rabbit hole? I mean seriously, from this week alone: “Kanye…

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Turning the Decade

The last few days of the decade are nigh, and I just realized I haven’t made a single post here since January. How can a whole year have gone by since I heard the Strokes and made a post about it? It’s easy for me, as a creator, to look back and feel lost in…

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Oblivius: A Gallery

There exists a dissonance when you finally acknowledge that which had previously gone unnoticed. It’s all subconscious consumption and blissful unawareness until you wake up one morning in a bed you’ve woken up in dozens of times before to find yourself someplace new– it is here you find yourself, once oblivious, now in love over…

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Confessions of A Troubled Writer

Hello. It’s been a while. Quite a while, actually. As per the title, welcome to my confession-session about being smacked in the face brutally hard with some good ol’ writer’s block. This is a surprising occurrence as I was certain all my new and exciting experiences abroad would surely open up the creative gates to…

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Desert Daze

I am in love with the desert. The jagged canyon walls and sandstone mountains surround you in a world of muted reds and pinks. You come home to the city covered in dust: orange stains between your toes and fingers and you are pulling grit out of the ends of your hair. Dark orange sand…

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